Thank you for visiting the K and M Music Company video library where we showcase our student performers! Growing as a music student includes preparing for performance and experiencing the thrill of being in front of an audience. Regardless of a student’s age, level, or ability, the thought of a live performance stirs many feelings. The videos featured on this page of our website offer a peek at students who have dedicated many hours to developing their skills to play an instrument. Keep in mind that they all were beginners at some point in their musical journey!

At K and M Music School, we strive to give students of all ages and levels the best opportunity to experience a successful performance. Our teachers focus on unique goals for each student to ensure they are prepared and focused on performing their best. We know that each performance helps flourishing young musicians grow. Students who perform often have positive feelings and excitement about accomplishing their goals. They also learn resilience, perseverance, and other valuable lessons throughout the entire experience.

In the videos below, you can observe that our students study and prepare classical music from a variety of style periods. Instrumental students have opportunities to learn and perform accompanied works that provide them with excellent collaborative experiences. The teachers at K and M Music are also active soloists, collaborative artists, and performers in local ensembles. Their continued experiences as performers enable them to maintain a unique perspective in understanding each student’s journey to success.

As you continue reading below, you will learn more about our video page, how it can help your student, plus further details about each performance.

We hope that our video selections will help you experience the wonderful world of classical music and inspire you to join us. If you are considering private music lessons for your child, contact us today to answer your questions or assist you in the enrollment process.

This dedicated area highlights our students and faculty with videos of our programs, event recaps, full performances, and more. Exploring our videos gives students an opportunity to be encouraged by their peers and see new possibilities as they begin private music lessons. Prospective parents and students catch a glimpse into the quality, preparation, and excitement of current students as their performances reflect tremendous work and accomplishment.

We are fortunate that the San Diego area offers access to recital venues such as local churches and university halls, providing our music students the chance to experience excellent pianos, acoustics, and professional settings.

If you are a current student or parent in the K and M Music family, please contact us if you have a performance video that you would like to share and help us illuminate our student achievements.

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Recital of the winners

Weber Clarinet Concerto No. 2

Enjoy this performance from our Recital of the Winners by Gemma Baek, accompanied by Mrs. Dvoskin at the beautiful St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church. This lively piece exemplifies the Polonaise dance form and contains impressive and virtuosic passages performed brilliantly by the soloist.

Flute recital

Fantaisie for flute and piano by G. Hue

This video features flute soloist, Emily Persinko, accompanied by Mrs. Dvoskin, at a recital in San Diego State University Rhapsody Hall. This early 20th-century flute composition showcases beautiful lyricism, excitement, and virtuosity performed by one of our accomplished student performers.

Chamber recital

Trio N.1 Op. 8 by D. Shostakovich

Our faculty at K and M Music not only teach but also are active performers. We are passionate about preserving classical music traditions and hope this performance inspires our students. Performing with Gordon Grabs at Cuyamaca College Concert Hall. 

K and M Music Company Violin students recital

Praeludium and Allegro by F. Kreisler

Thank you to our violin student, An-Di Duong, for this wonderful performance demonstrating talent and skill in this popular work for violin and piano. This early 20th-century work is an excellent example of repertoire that K and M Music incorporates into our music pedagogy.