Our Students

We teach how to analyze music, develop self-awareness and positive self-correction with playing abilities. During Music classes, progression through increasing levels of repertoire and performance expectations is possible.

At K and M Music Company, our goal is to provide valuable private music lessons to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages. 



Our Beginner students start their musical journey with an introduction to essential elementary music fundamentals. A critical aspect of their early education is focusing on posture since excellent core strength and stability are needed to play most instruments. Encouraging good body awareness and muscle control are areas of focus throughout each lesson. In addition, beginners experience the excitement of learning music notation, theory elements, the value of listening, and the thrill of playing their first pieces! Our teachers carefully choose music and traditional method books that lead beginner students to early success and accomplishment.

kid learns how to play piano in San Diego



Our Intermediate students build on the success of a solid foundation and continue to flourish with the introduction of technical studies and performance pedagogy. Scales and etudes are introduced to students at this stage to elevate their technique to become more proficient at their chosen instrument. Their expanding repertoire now includes a variety of challenging yet rewarding pieces. Intermediate students have opportunities to improve their performance abilities and refine memorization and artistic skills. Teachers emphasize the importance of each student’s ability to critique their own playing, learn from mistakes, and foster curiosity about new pieces and composers.

enjoying music classes for kids in San Diego



Our Advanced students are ready to embrace all aspects of music and develop a deep understanding of its aesthetics. They delve into complex music theory studies, the history and philosophies adopted by classical composers, and experience a greater emphasis on musicianship and performance success. Our teachers lead students through mastery of advanced repertoire studies addressing the unique technical difficulties of each piece. trainees continue to learn classical music from various genres to achieve consistent and productive practice routines. Students who are considering music for a professional career can receive additional support, preparation, and opportunities to enable their next steps.

Advanced violin student performs in San Diego