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About Us

K and M Music School offers a vigorous and integral music lesson experience to students of the San Diego area. Michael and Katherine Dvoskin bring their passion as classical musicians and accomplished performers to their teaching role. Their way of teaching is directly inspired by their rich Russian School of Music heritage.

Lessons encompass an immersive approach that combines intellectual abilities and oral skills through the solid foundations of the traditional Russian School of Music principles. Thanks to this way of teaching, individual student talents are emphasized and cultivated.

With the dedicated application of this approach, students follow a path to continual improvement in their playing abilities. K and M Music School’s method promotes valuable work ethic and self-discipline. Our lesson enable Students to learn how to analyze music, develop self-awareness and positive self-correction with their playing abilities. During Music classes, progression through increasing levels of repertoire and performance expectations is possible.

At K and M Music, our goal is to provide valuable private music lessons to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages. Our way of teaching promotes a synergistic relationship of mind and body. Movement, appropriate reactions, and attention to detail are combined to create self-assurance as students learn.

Michael and Katherine are confident that their students at K and M Music Company will experience significant growth as musicians. Contact us today for more information about in-person piano, violin, or cello lessons or to learn about our virtual music lesson options.

Our purpose is to create a new generation of musicians that will appreciate and enjoy classical music. To enrich the lives of the adult student with classical music, thus allowing for an active participation in the musical social life of the community.